Friday, June 3, 2011

'free' food time

My plan to track eating expenses crashed and burned, between illness, miscommunication and touches of financial desperation (my own, and only slightly out of proportion) my tracking plan just did not stand a chance. We did eat all that food. In fact, we eat all the food we buy, unless it ends up on the floor, and sometimes even then. (I spent an hour picking up sunflower seeds. Thanks Adin.) I am also not tracking the vitamix really. It has not paid for itself yet, but it will. I've made hummus, almond butter, gf flours, juice, almond milk, and countless smoothies. I use it almost every day, and it is awesome.

This month, out of neccesity and also because we've done it before, we are eating 'freegan'. Meaning, we are not paying for food. Usually freegan means not buying food, but we have food vouchers and ebt, so we are using those and trying not to buy anything beyond those. Can we do it? I would say yes! Since we already have done that before, back in Santa Cruz, but now I'm not so sure, In SC we had a food pantry that provided lots of produce, so it was actually pretty easy. Here the vouchers only give $12 of produce, and fruits and veggies eat through our ebt funds pretty quick, but we are going to try. I currently have black beans soaking, so sometime tomorrow we are looking at rice, beans, fried bananas, and mixed greens. Sounds tasty so far, right? Today it's cereal with almond milk, then veggie wraps and later brown rice sauteed with tomatoes, sunflower seeds and spinach. Oh, and a smoothie. Can't forget that. :)

The challenge begins!

happily, -nava

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