Friday, January 4, 2013

raw fudge

The year started off with a bang, and then a whimper, as we were laid low with food poisoning, a stomach bug, or simply incredible indigestion (perhaps all three), but as soon as I began feeling better I got to work on this treat. I found the recipe via pinterest, and the result was amazing. Unlike the original recipe I did not make the ganache (although based on the results I highly recommend it) and I also pulled the set fudge from the fridge after I realised I had forgotten to incorporate half the dry ingredients. I smooshed them in and put the fudge in to set again. It mixes up very quickly if you have a food processor, and follow the directions. If you are like me and have a vitamix and sort of follow directions it gets done as well, but it takes longer. Two tips for this one: make sure you actually have all the ingredients on hand, so you don't reach for dates and come up with prunes, and make sure you actually combine all the ingredients once assembled and at the correct time. The results are delicious, if somewhat textured (my fault), and I will definitely make this again, although not any time soon. Why not? Raw cacao powder, my friends, is pricey. Spendy. Ex. Pen. Sive. Although if you've got the funds, it is definitely worth it. I am doling these out very carefully, although the boys did get a piece each in their bentos. Best part? I really do think these are healthy. So good.

Have fun!

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