Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grocery Disclosure 1

Today, oh blessed, blessed day, our Federal tax refund came through. Which was incredible because I went from wondering 'how will I get groceries for the family for $20 and have more veggie variety than potatoes and onions, and oh my gosh can I get any fruit at all? Hmm, I can still safely lose 20 lbs, I just won't eat.' to 'oh my gosh it is time for some bulk cooking and buying up in here you know it!'

We went to New Leaf, lovely, local New Leaf, our Staff of Life replacement up here. So nice. We mostly got staples, but Milt pleaded for some extras, so they are at the end and will comprise the most expensive dinner you will see in these parts, yes indeed. Frankly, we needed the mental boost, to laugh, oh so slightly, into the gaping maw of financial insecurity, and splurging on food is a lot better than some other things we could be splurging on! So yes, party food.

9 Valencia oranges $4.58 = $1.29/lb = $.51each (nice)
20 bananas (3 bunches) $7.04 = .89/lb = $.36 each (yay!)
4.5 lbs. grapes $13.43 = $2.99/lb (splurge)
9 Lady Alice apples $12.25 =$1.37ea (hmmmm)
.8 lb raisins $2.18
.5 lb deglet dates $3.17 (the boys eat these like candy; too sweet for me)

+1 lb.crimini mushrooms $5.14
7 Sweet potatoes $8.34 = $1.79/lb= $1.20 each
3 Romaine hearts $3.99
4 heads lettuce (red+green) $1.99ea
2 bell peppers (yellow+red) $5.59 = $2.80 each (ouch! Glad mine are growing!)
9 Red potatoes $10.27 = $1.14 each (you know, for a potato region, I am feeling these are a little...pricey? Maybe?)

7.4 lb. dried garbanzos! $14.75 (I have been hunting for garbanzos. Score!)
2 lb. bulk quinoa macaroni! $9.73
.72 lb. cane sugar $1.22 (I gave away all our sugar! Oh well. This is for some projects!)
7.7 lb popcorn $11.41 (I promised, and it is a fun snack)
2.7 lb. brown rice flour $6.14
1.5 lb. oat flour $2.85
2.3 lb shredded coconut $11.16 (yay!)
1.8 lb. bulk peanut butter $5.44 (It was pretty cool to watch it get extruded, although our boy asked what we were going to do with the poop. Ahem.)

1 Trout fillet $5.69
1 Cod fillet $7.19
1 Sole fillet $.55

Kelp noodles $3.69
2 pkgs nori $4.29ea =
1.65 lb bulk olive oil $14.83 (I think this was a bit pricey)
organic butter $2.99
1 doz. Eggs $2.19

.01 lb anise seed $.11 (for planting and cooking!)
Bob's Guar Gum $5.99
Bob's Xanthan Gum $12.99 (I was almost out)

So Coconut yogurt $1.69 (I am making my own yogurt!)
2 Kombucha! $2.99ea (I am starting my own scoby project with these; so exciting!
Stash Chai Tea $2.99 (for the kombucha!)

4 Marsee bagels $3.99 = $1 each
1 loaf Marsee sourdough $4.29 = $.26/slice (these are for Milt sandwiches)
Redwood feta $6.60 (such a splurge! But, raw kosher feta! Whoot!)
Meyen Goat Cheddar $8.99 HUGE splurge, but I remembered it from CA; so good.
2 smoked salmon $4.99ea
2 organic cream cheese $6.98 (I did not realise he got 2. iiiiiinteresting.)
5.56 lb. White basmati $11.06 ( Milt does not like our brown rice.booo.)
Yama seaweed strips $2.79 (snack for the boys + anti-radiation)
Deboles spaghetti $3.29 (this is for Purim)
Organic basil pasta sauce $3.69 (you can bet when the tomatoes are in season I will be jarring sauce!)

Total: $297.04. Ouch! However, if we hadn't bought any of our splurge items, it would have been
$235.38. So we splurged over $60! I am going to make these splurge items last as long as possible, and I'll do a price breakdown of what we eat, from here on out. Our pantry was getting really empty, but there are a few things I'll have to guesstimate until I actually have to replace them. This is going to be a good exercise for me, really knowing what things cost.
I know we can eat cheaper, but frankly I am not willing to buy non-organic if there is an organic option, and buying in bulk and cooking our own already saves a lot of money. Out of the prepared foods, I am using the yogurt and kombucha to make my own from now on, so that cost is (hopefully) not to be repeated; the kelp noodles and nori I don't know how to make and are utilised in such a way to make their cost go down.
The cheeses, oh man. Dairy products are always splurges, plus I normally do not have any dairy in the house (lactose intolerance, toxicity concerns, etc). Fish as well; we have fish, if at all, on Shabbat. Again, toxicity issues (and veganic leanings on my part). The pasta sauce I'm not too happy about, but I am going to jar my own this summer so this is hopefully the last jar we will be buying!
As for the bread, I basically need to make more GF bread so Milt doesn't feel so deprived. :) Hopefully this cost will also not be repeated. We actually haven't bought bagels in over 2 years, ever since we stopped buying Noah's Bagels at costco, because we weren't finishing the bag, so that was a definite special occasion (as in, a Oh THANK YOU G-D we can pay our bills and not cry! celebration).

Anyhow, that's that, off I go to do some Projects. Yum.


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