Wednesday, March 9, 2011

what we ate today: 3 Adar II

breakfast: experimental smoothie, waffles. Alright, so I tried to use the coconut pulp left from Monday in the smoothie. I would advise against this, as it came out very very gritty. I figured that if I let everything just sit for a while it might get better, so I made us each a waffle. Actually, I threw 3 waffles in the toaster oven and when it dinged we ate them. 2 hours later and the smoothie was still too gritty to drink. I decided to strain it, and that was tasty, but now I had all this fruit pulp left. I spread it in a baking sheet on some parchment paper and it is in the toaster oven, hopefully turning into a passable fruit leather.

2 c. water
2 Tbsp orange juice concentrate (Fred Meyer)
5 baby carrots (organic, costco)
10 blueberries (organic, NS)
coconut pulp (omit, or use soaked shredded coconut) (organic, Staff of Life)(we miss that place)
1 tbsp honey (raw, organic, FM)
(Do you like my ingredients? Yes, I am running low on food stuffs and can't go shopping until next Friday; it's going to get really interesting around here!)

lunch: the leftover squash with baby red potatoes. I quartered the potatoes, threw them in a pot with olive oil, salt, garlic, covered and let cook. Came out tasty, but I burned some of them.

Dinner: Same as lunch, but I did not burn the potatoes, and they are so good! So good. Wow. I love when things just come out amazing. I also made some coconut milk for Adin. Now, I made a batch mid-afternoon without soaking, and thought the lack of flavor was due to lack of soaking. This evening's batch was also bland though, so I think it is the brand, which is a very finely shredded, almost powdered, coconut. I think I'll go back to the shredded bulk stuff and see how that goes.

Other: I used today's coconut pulp to make little puff balls, and they are so good! I am going to make them again tomorrow so I can figure out quantities, but they were awesome!


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