Monday, March 21, 2011

what we ate today: 15 Adar II

Breakfast: The boys had some banana and apple; I refrained due to dairy effects, instead having water with a splash of apple cider vinegar (it is the only thing making my throat feel better, so I'm getting used to the interesting taste).

Lunch: We three ate the leftovers of the fried rice; yum yum. Milt had two tuna sandwiches, at work. :)
Total: $4.28 (leftovers: $2.10, bread:$1.04, tuna: $.79, mayonnaise: $.25, seasonings: $.10)
=$1.07 per person.

Dinner: Sushi! Turns out we had some white rice leftover from the fried rice, so I added in some rice vinegar and laid it out on some toasted nori. Laid on some sliced carrots, red bell pepper, cream cheese, smoked salmon and rolled it up. I wound up with one extra sheet of nori, so I cut that into strips and we ate it as well, plain. We each had a roll, and the boys split a second, although Adin is more into dinner demolition than consumption, so altogether he maybe ate one roll.
Total: $7.50 (Rice: free!, carrots: $.10, pepper: $.94, cheese: $.50, salmon: $1.67, nori: $4.29)
=$1.88 per person

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