Thursday, March 10, 2011

what we ate today: 4 Adar II

breakfast: instant oatmeal; once these run out I am going to make up my own oatmeal mix for us, so I can be absolutely sure the oats are GF as well as only putting in what I want to be eating.

lunch: leek, corn and potato chowder. This turned out really well! I sliced up a leek, put it in a pot with evoo to sweat, then added frozen corn, covered in water, and let cook. Added salt, seasonings, some pepper, and about ¾ c. potato flakes. So delicious! Especially with a dash of my hot sauce; perfect for a very blustery, rainy day.

1 medium leek, sliced thin
1.5 c. frozen corn
4 c. water (aprox)
¾ c. instant potato flakes (aprox)
seasoning mix
hot sauce of choice

dinner: we finished off the soup; so tasty! Even Milt liked it. In fact, he really REALLY liked it. Success!

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