Tuesday, March 8, 2011

what we ate today: 2 Adar II

breakfast: organic bananas. Yum.

lunch: Carrot Gazpacho, again, but we were all having a weird day and the boys managed to knock theirs over and wound up just eating almonds all afternoon instead. Mine was ok; not great, but it may have been the fault of the mood we were in.

other: I made more coconut milk, this time 3 cups, again let it soak for several hours, blended, strained, and added 1tsp honey per cup of milk. If I were using this for cooking I would not add the honey; I just add it for drinking. This time I put the milk in the fridge, which was unwise as the oil made a crust on the top. I stirred it up, and we drank it despite the 'crunchy' oil bits. Still so delicious.
I also took the pulp and tried to dehydrate it into coconut flour. I put it in the oven for a few hours at 170F with the door open; it got dry but not completely, so I do plan to use it to bake within the next couple days, as I don't want to refrigerate it and harden the oil content and I want to avoid rancidity issues. I may set some aside though, to measure how long it takes to become rancid in this form.

Dinner: Spaghetti squash with olive oil, garlic and seasoning salt, garnished with cherry tomatoes. The squash came out bland; I was somewhat disappointed. We have a lot of leftovers, so lunch tomorrow, but still, it should have been better. The boys liked it, although Adin does not like tomatoes. Runs in the family, I guess, so he'll grow to appreciate them, I'm sure.

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