Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what we ate today: Purim!

Breakfast: waffles! Asher requested eggs, which are a no-go for him, so we managed to distract him with really tasty waffles, topped with peanut butter. Yum.
Total: $2.35 (Waffles: $1.85, peanut butter: $.50)
=$.59 per person. Win!

Lunch: Went to the Purim carnival, had a delicious snacky lunch of falafel, olives, 2 varieties of hummus, pickle spears, and lots of french fries. The boys did not eat the falafel, since we couldn't be sure of its GF status. Altogether a very tasty lunch, which Milt rounded out with a pita and some hamantaschen.
Total: $16 out of pocket

Other: Made some morrocan fish patties, sort of a new version of gefilte fish. We'll see how they taste, since all I did was make and bake them for later consumption. I was thoroughly squicked out though; fish mush is thoroughly unappealing. Uh-oh, veganic leanings surfacing! ;)

I don't think my coconut milk yogurt came out, so now I am in the market for a yogurt maker, as I am determined to get this! In the meantime I have a large jar of separated, grainy-looking milky liquid in my fridge. Oh well.
Total: $2.50 loss (coconut; I am not counting the spoonful of yogurt I used as a starter since I already included the cost of the whole container in the snacks eaten on that day.)

Dinner: 'Fried rice'; Milt made some of his white rice, added in frozen peas and corn and some homemade peanut sauce. Tasty, although the rice was too sticky for Milt's taste. We only ate half, so lunch for Monday is all set!
Total $2.10 (rice: $2, peas: $.50, corn: $.50, peanut butter: $1, tamari: $.10, oil: $.10)
=$.53 per person

Snacks: I received a beautiful mishloach manot, so Milt and I each had a chocolate-covered pretzel, 3 chocolates, some blueberry jelly-bellys, and the entire bag of Terra Blue Potato Jalapeno chips, which we finished off with some cream cheese very very late at night. I'm going to say we ate about $.50 worth of cream cheese.

All in all, a very tasty day.

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