Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what we ate today: 12 Adar II

Wow I lost a week in there. We got the creeping crud, and meals have been...well, good, I think. I don't really recall. We have been running out of food though, so I know they were somewhat inventive. :) Thanks to our refund and paycheck my regularly scheduled grocery day was extra special.

Breakfast: We just got dressed and went to the store, so there really wasn't breakfast. The boys ate from the time they got home until dinner, so, pretty normal.

Lunch: Boys had a bunch of grapes, 2 bananas, a few nori snacks, 2 apples, most of the yogurt cup, some almonds, and a big bowl of popcorn. This eating was from 10-6.
Total: $10.40. Wow, that is a pricey lunch! At least it's nutritious, yes? I think the grapes and apples pushed it up a bit. (grapes: $3, bananas: $.72, nori: $1.50, apples: $2.74, yogurt: $1.69, almonds: $.50, popcorn: $.25)

1. Started Kombucha! I got 2 different kombucha at the store, started one today and I am going to start the other one in a week, so I have one going each week. So very exciting! I followed Sayward's instructions on her blog Bonzai Aphrodite.
2. Started some coconut milk yogurt! Made my own coconut milk, although I hid it from the boys this time because they drink any that I make. It is amazing stuff, so I don't blame them. Followed (again!) Sayward's instructions, except that I don't have a cooler or a yogurt maker and my crockpot was too little, so I wrapped everything in a towel and I am hoping for the best.
3. Challah! I doubled the batch, subbed in the coconut pulp from the milk making for the millet flour portion, divided the dough in two, mixed in cinnamon and raisins into one batch and made 3 loaves:1 normal one, for dinner tonight, and 2 itty bitty cinnamon-raisin loaves, for breakfast tomorrow and possibly beyond. I think my yeast is starting to go flat (does it go flat? Would that be the correct term?) As it proofed, but not nearly as well or as much as normal. With Pesach coming up I'm not too worried about it, but I am wondering what is up with my yeast. We even had the heater going today, so the house was actually warm! A mystery to be solved.

Dinner: 2 bagels (Milt and myself), GF challah, ½ package of smoked salmon, ½ package of cream cheese, some grape juice, and a green salad made with ½ head of lettuce, a little oil, vinegar and pepper. So delicious!
Total: $9.50 (bagels: $2, salmon: $2.50, cheese: $1.75, juice: $1, salad: $1, challah: $1, guess tax:$.25)

Total for the day: $19.54. Let's just say $20, in case I missed something. So, $5 a person for the day. Not bad.


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